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Maintaining my Doors & Windows

The maintenance of doors & windows tends to be a neglected subject of most property owners until it's too late. From the cost of repairs to the rising cost of energy bills, keeping your doors and windows maintained frequently will stop any nasty costs from tallying up.

Though we do not recommend trying to replace mechanical parts yourself as this can be a costly experience if done wrong, we do recommend keeping your door and window's mechanical components clean and lubed up. Though WD40 is helpful and can help keep stiff components moving, due to being a water displacement spray this can cause problems in the long run as it gathers dirt and dries to a sticky mass if left in place, we instead recommend a product by the name of GT85. GT85 is a lubricant made by the same company as WD40 but unlike WD40, will keep your mechanical components lubed up and moving freely for a while.

If your door is stiff to lock, won't latch properly or you feel a cold draft, there is a good chance your door needs a realignment service. Though this is an issue you probably will not think much of, this can cause a costly outcome in the future. If too much pressure is put on your doors locking mechanism while trying to lock the door frequently, there is a good chance that the mechanism will fail and this could result in the hundreds for a full multi-point strip replacement. As well as this, if your door is not sealing correctly then your properties heating will be drawn to the coldest point and escape through the gaps, this will cause your energy bills to sky rocket! The same goes for failed window hinges, you may not realise your window's friction stay hinges have failed on first glace but on close inspection, if you notice a small gap around the hinges of your window or if you experience difficulty opening and closing your window, this is a good indicator that the hinges have failed. We recommend fixing these issue right away to save any additional costs on your energy bills.

If you have any questions or inquiries then please feel free to contact us via email or phone and we will happily offer our advice for free or alternatively give you a quotation.

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