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Door Closers & Floor Spirngs in Essex

Door closers & Floor Springs are mechanical devices that is used to automatically close a door after it has been opened. Door closers are typically mounted on the top of the door frame or installed integrally and are connected to the door via an arm hinge unlike Floor Springs that are installed into the threshold of the door. Door closers and Floor Springs are used to ensure that doors close securely and to prevent them from being left open.

Looking for a Door Closer Repair or Floor Spring Repair service in Essex?

Welcome to our Door Closer and Floor Spring repairs and replacements service page. We are a team of experienced locksmiths and engineers providing professional repair and replacement services for door closers and floor springs in homes and businesses across Essex and the surrounding areas.

Door Closers & Floor Springs can be used for both commercial doors and residential doors but are typically more common commercially. Door Closers need to be checked and maintained regularly as they may need adjustment or repair due to being subjected to frequent use, there are a variety of reasons why your Door Closer or Floor Spring may not be operating properly but no matter what problem is occurring, rest assured that we can fix it for you.

Door closers and floor springs are essential components of any door, providing smooth and controlled opening and closing, as well as ensuring that doors are secure and in compliance with fire safety regulations. A malfunctioning door closer or floor spring can pose a safety hazard and may compromise the security of your property.

Our door closer and floor spring repairs and replacements service includes:

  • Diagnosis: Our team will diagnose the issue with your faulty Door Closer or Floor Spring and determine the best course of action for repair or replacement.

  • Repair: We will repair or replace any broken or faulty parts of your door closer or floor spring, including the hydraulic mechanism, pivot bearings, and arm assemblies.

  • Replacement: If your door closer or floor spring is beyond repair, we can provide a range of replacement options to suit your needs and budget. We stock a wide range of door closers and floor springs from top brands, ensuring that we can provide a solution that fits the style of your door.

  • Maintenance: We will also perform any necessary maintenance to ensure that your door closer or floor spring is functioning properly and smoothly.


fixing overhead transom door closer
transom closer arm being replaced by essex door and window repairs
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