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Door Realignment in Essex

If you are struggling to lock your door, feel a cold draft or see daylight through gaps between your door and it's frame, then your door may either need a service, realignment or even planing down (Depending on your specific problem and type of door you have e.g. Wooden, UPVC, Aluminum).

Need a Door Realignment Service in Essex?

Keeping your doors working properly is important for your home's safety and security, as well as the appearance of your property.

When a door is not aligned properly, it can cause damage to the door itself and make it harder to open and close. It can also lead to uneven pressure on the hinges, which can cause them to wear out faster.

Whether you have a door that sticks or one that's hard to open, we can help with our door realignment service. We'll come out to your home and inspect the door and make any necessary adjustments so that it works like new again!


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