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Multipoint Mechanism 
Solutions in Essex

Multipoint locking mechanisms are most commonly found on UPVC & Composite Doors and they are designed to prevent the door from opening and closing. They do this by engaging several points on the door frame and jamming them together to keep it from moving.

Looking for a Multipoint Mechanism Repair service in Essex?

The multipoint locking mechanism is a very important part of your door. It's what keeps intruders out and keeps you safe from harm, so it's vital that you keep an eye on its condition.
If you notice anything unusual about the multipoint locking mechanism, such as sticking or squeaking when opening or closing the door, then there may be an issue with it.

When a multipoint lock fails you'll typically find yourself trapped inside/outside of your property without any hope of getting in or out due to a complete seizure of the door. Although this sounds like a major inconvenience, do not worry!

We stock & carry a large variety of multipoint locks and gear boxes on our van and we aim to get out to you as soon as possible. For any reason that we don't have your mechanism stocked, we will temporarily secure your door overnight and have one ordered and installed the next day.

Gear Box Replacement
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