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Lock Snapping

A common entry method for burglars is method called lock snapping, this method is extremely easy and does not require much effort from burglars to execute. In this following article we will explain who is at risk and what you can do to prevent it to keep your property secure.

Lock Snapping is one of the most common entry methods for burglars in the UK and only takes around 30 seconds for them to gain entry into your home, no specialist tools needed.

Who is at risk?

Anyone with a door which uses a cylinder lock. Plain and simple.

How do I prevent Lock Snapping?

Although Lock Snapping is an easy entry method for criminals, the good news is that it is also easily prevented!
How? By simply upgrading the cylinder that is currently in your door.

Anti-snap locks come in different security standards, even our standard cylinders we fit are anti-snap but to ensure your home is as secure as it can possibly be, we recommend having a 3* British Standard 3621 insurance approved cylinder fitted.

How to tell if your lock is British Standard 3621
Your cylinder will have a British Standard symbol either on the front of the lock or somewhere on the side. The symbol will also be accompanied by either 1 or 3 stars to identify which security rating it has.

For any inquiries on upgrading your properties locks to protect against Lock Snapping, please contact us via email ( or phone (01708 564 348)

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